Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions




Requirements for Application


All applicants will have to undergo a thorough selection process.

The following requirements will have to be met to become eligible as a potential participant.


  • Complete and submit the short online application.

  • Complete and submit the “Official Application Form”.

  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of R500.

  • Read through the “Terms & Conditions” and agree.

  • Be willing to participate in an interview (either by phone/skype or in person).

  • Possess a valid passport with at least 15 open pages, which is valid for at least six months after the end of the journey.

  • Be willing to give any additional information or proof thereof, should it be asked.




  • Completing the Official Application Form and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, constitutes an agreement between the applicant and EXPLORE.

  • According to the discretion of the EXPLORE staff & leadership, the selection process may vary for certain applicants.

  • Not all applicants will be accepted, due to a limited number of individuals that can partake in a team.

  • Once accepted, you could be moved from the route that you initially indicated you would prefer, to join a different route/ team. This will be to balance the number of members in each team, and also to balance the ratio of men and women in each team.


General Requirements


 Once accepted, it will be expected of you to adhere to the following:


  1. All candidates must be available for the entire duration of the EXPLORE program, including training and debriefing.

  2. Visas are done in Pretoria. Should a visa application be rejected and there is enough time, additional arrangements will be made for the candidate. The participant must pay any additional cost arising from the visas’ rejection.

  3. All candidates must make provision for their own travel and medical insurance.

  4. Complete and sign an Indemnity Form.

  5. Arrange and pay for own transport to the start and end of the particular journey.

  6. Be in general good health.


Financial Requirements:


Please remember and take note that this year is not a holiday with extravagant living and big spending. We want to encourage a life of simplistic living and cultivate a lifestyle that honours God by living in faith and depending on God. We will ALWAYS choose the cheapest transport, accommodation, food etc. Do not expect a year of comfort or luxury and fancy transport, accommodation or food.


The budget will be sufficient, but it will limit teams and cause everyone to be challenged in finances and faith for provision. Trust God to change your heart and stretch your mentality concerning finances. Allow God to challenge you and teach you about money as you travel. Try to save as much as possible and also to sow and give as much as possible. A lifestyle of generosity and learning to be content with much and with little, will be encouraged throughout the year. Just as Paul the apostle says.


“I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.”
–Philippians 4:12 


The team will be expected to be sensitive towards the culture and lifestyle of the community that they are staying in, and to adapt to that lifestyle. 


The cost for all expeditions includes the following:


  • All Flight Tickets

  • All means of travel while on your route

  • All meals

  • All accommodation

  • Ministry expenses

  • Administration fee

  • Training and Debrief in South Africa

  • Emergency fund


It does NOT include:





  • Pocket money

  • Medical insurance

  • Entrance to unplanned sites

  • R500 Applications fee

  • Vaccinations

  • Washing of clothes

  • Internet and personal communication

  • Any personal treats

  • A backpack and personal travelling equipment.


Some advice


We advise members to take a bit of extra personal spending money, even though it is possible to travel and complete the year without it. R1000-R2000 per month should be more than sufficient for that once a coffee, chocolate or ice-cream every now and then and a new shampoo, new clothes or toothpaste.


If you use your money sensibly, it can be stretched a long way. The cost of living in most countries is much cheaper than we are used to. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on expensive gear, clothing, equipment, etc. Toiletries will be easily available and much cheaper in the countries that will be visited, so it is not necessary to carry a three month supply with you.


All participants are advised to make use of a debit/credit card and withdraw money in each country you visit, as needed. Please find out from your local bank whether you will be able to do international transactions with your card, before you go. Usually most cards with a 4 digit pin will be accepted internationally. VISA cards are usually more reliable to use internationally than Mastercard or Maerstro. Please make sure to inform your bank that you are going overseas and let them know from when till when you will be out of the country and in which nations you will be, so that they do not stop your card when they see international transactions going through. Remember that when you withdraw money from an ATM in a foreign country, the machine will only dispense local currency. Keeping some British pounds or American dollars with you stored away safely in a secret place, could be wise in case of unforeseen expenses.


Make sure that your next of kin (like your father, mother, uncle etc.) also get signatory rights on your personal banking accounts, if you decide to take a debit/credit card on the expedition. In case a banking or financial problem occurs, it will be much easier for them to take care  of the problem back home with the local bank if they have all the legal rights over the banking account.

Method of Payment


Once you are accepted, we will expect you to meet the financial requirements with different financial goals at different times, as stipulated below:


  • Before 1 January of the year of your expedition, you must pay a deposit of 40%, in order to purchase flight tickets and to cover the cost for training and administration.

  • Before 1 March, the cut-off amount of 50% must be paid.

  • Before 1 June, the cut-off amount of 75% must be paid.

  • Before 10 September, you have to have raised 100% of your target.

  • Each member will be held accountable to pay the full amount as agreed upon in the budget.


We are here to support you in raising these funds. We believe that raising these funds forms part of the journey that God wants to take us on during the year. This will stretch you, but it is also a great opportunity to build your faith as you see how God provides in miraculous ways.

If these financial commitments are not met, participants will not be able to partake in the EXPLORE program. A participant will have to return home or continue in faith, if the participant’s debit orders fail to pay off during the year.

For more information on this, please see Termination of Agreement. 




Bank:                           Nedbank Limited
Account type:             Current Account
Account Name:           Explore Every Nation
Account Number:       1119625386
Branch:                        Southern Peninsula
Branch Code:              123209 (198765 – Universal)
SWIFT Code:              NEDSZAJJ (For International Payments)
Reference:                   ExploreEN-Initial & Surname (ex. ExploreEN-M.Visser)







Raising Partners for finances


Once accepted, team members will have to raise their own finances. We can provide you with training and a letter to help you with this process.

Finances are many times the one factor that stops many people from doing what they feel called to do. We hear God’s call, but when we see the amount of money that we will need, we step back and lose faith.


God will never call us to do something, if He will not enable us to do it. God’s grace gives us supernatural power to do the very things that He asks of us. Just as God provides the opportunity for you to come on an experience like this, you must have faith that He will also provide financially.


When raising funds for missions we give people the incredible opportunity to be part of something greater than them. Many people would love to be more involved in ministry and missions, and allowing them to partner with you, by blessing you financially, you give them the opportunity to sow into God’s Kingdom and play a part in spreading the Gospel all over the world.


We all play different roles in missions. Some pray, some give and some go. It is possible for some people to do all three. But those who cannot go to other nations can still take part in international missions by praying and giving.


So when raising the finances, pray and ask God for specific people with whom you can go and share the vision. Remember that you are not going to beg for money, but rather, you are giving them the opportunity to become part of a vision and mission that is bigger than you and them. So when they give you finances, they are not just partnering with you, but with the bigger picture and vision.

Go out and ask people with boldness. The worst they can say to you, is no. Pray about who you should phone to go and set up appointments to see about finances. Trust and know that God prepares people’s hearts and that He owns more than enough riches to provide for you. 




Why does 40% have to be in before 1 January?

The 40% deposit must be paid by all successful applicants at the specified date before the start of each journey. The initial costs of flight tickets and administration, and training will be covered by this money.  Participants should ensure that the deposit is paid on time as a failure of payment will result in termination of agreement between you and EXPLORE Every Nation.

Important to Note: When communicated to us and in special circumstances exceptions to this rule will be made at the discretion of leadership.


International Students


It is our desire that participants from every tongue and nation will have equal opportunity to take part in one of our journeys.

The cost of your journey depends on country of income

The reason for this difference in payment is so that members from more affluent countries will partly support underprivileged and less fortunate members than themselves. For EXPLORE Every Nation to become a true international organization with true recognition this process of giving equal opportunities is critical


The sliding cost scale for EXPLORE Every Nation 2016* is as follows: 

Category A country of income – R 94 000.00 (ZAR, Brazil, Croatia, BIH, Philipines etc) 

Category B country of income - R 114 000.00 (USA, UK, NZ, AUS)

We have sought to respond to the economic differences of our potential students through a sliding scale depending on average income levels of the nation you come from. We have found this to be the fairest way to address economic differences. 


What is the Financial Model for money managed in teams?

We aim is to create a model which will give participants as much responsibility as possible to allow them to grow in the area of finances.


  • An amount specified by the Budget per Country will be paid into each teams account, at the beginning of each country.

  • The total amount raised by participants in that team will determine the amount paid to the team. Therefore, the money paid in might differ from team to team because of the funds raised by individuals in a team.

  • No distinction will be made within a team between a participant who has fully paid their account and a participant who hasn’t. All members are equal and money paid in should be spent corporately to carry the team through their country of ministry.

  • Teams will corporately take ownership for managing money entrusted to them.

  • At the beginning of the year training will be given by EXPLORE Every Nation on how teams should administer their money.

  • Decision making power within the team lies with the Team Leader and Financial Coordinator.


 How does the financial structure work and what are the different roles?

 The Financial Manager (Function from Head Office in South Africa)will


  • oversee all finances of EXPLORE

  • email financial updates to individuals

  • communicate directly with Financial Coordinators on the different teams


The Team Finance Coordinator will


  • be responsible for managing all finances on a specific team

  • be the gateway between head office and team members

  • report all questions or comments back to head office

  • take care of all individual queries on team

  • receive and process all expense sheets

  • report back to Financial Manager after each country.

  • be responsible for daily updating and registering all cash flow on expense sheet

  • carry team’s wallet

  • manage and oversee all team funds

  • be responsible for safe keeping of all receipts


 Team Members must


  • keep record and inform Coordinator of all expenses made on teams behalf

  • help collect receipts

  • take corporate responsibility for team fund



What do we do when donations are received during the journey?


  • Participant who receives the donation must immediately record the donation in team financial records. Date, personal details of donor, reason for giving money must be indicated.

  • Always open envelopes in the presence of other team members for your own protection.

  • If donations are given to a specific team member the money needs to go towards that specific team member’s account. If the team member has already raised all the needed funds, money will be directed to the greatest need.

  • Depending for what money is donated towards, it needs to be recorded and used specifically for that purpose.

  • Money not specified must be recorded and will be wired by Financial Manager to head office for distribution to where the greatest need is at management’s discretion.


Additional funds raised in a team


Based on the principle of honouring the giver’s intent, no funds received in excess to the journey cost will be refunded back to the participant’s personal bank account.


 The participant will however have the following options to channel money towards:

  • EXPORE Every Nation Fund (for future teams/participants)

  • 2nd year fund (if the participant would go for a second year)

  • Administration fund


No participant will be given money in hand, and you will only be able to distribute it towards the above options.

This allocation has to be made per email to the finance manager before the next financial year end of FEBRUARY. Funds will be allocated by trustee’s discretion after February.




Raising the funds


  • Take corporate responsibility

  • Raise more than you need to compensate for team members coming from lesser affluent support bases

  • Think of money raised as the contribution you are able to make taking into consideration your support base and background

  • When your target amount of journey costs are reached continue to raise funds for others




EXPLORE is an experiential learning program. The Explore Leadership hold the right to terminate the journey of any participant not fully partaking in this program. 

Should participants choose or be forced to end a journey prematurely no refund will be given on expenses already made on their behalf. For example: setup costs, flight tickets, hotel deposits, etc.  If all costs for the whole of the journey are already paid by the participants, they will receive a 70% refund for the part that they are not completing. This will only come into practice once all other expenses have been paid in full. The refund will be calculated specifically according to the “Per Country/Per Day Budget” for a team member.




Participants that take part in any of our journeys do so out of their own free will and are fully aware of the risks involved. EXPLORE Every Nation, all its affiliates, international partners and staff members cannot be held liable for any claim that might result from participation in any of the journeys. 


Routes, the numbers of countries and dates are all subject to change without prior notice.

The status of a journey is dependent on the number of successful applicants.

EXPLORE and all its affiliates are not liable for the death or personal injury of its staff or participants.

Participants and staff are subject to the conditions of carriage of the particular service provider.

EXPLORE cannot be held responsible for any losses or damage arising from participation in any of its journeys.

All participants partake out of their own free will.

The opinions and views of all participants and contributors to this website, public communication from social media, comments, emails and all other forms of communication arising from this site does not necessarily reflect the views and values of EXPLORE and Every Nation International.


Communication arising from this website will be monitored by EXPLORE for operational and protective reasons. See our Privacy Policy for more information.



Please direct any further inquiries in writing to our Head Office:

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