Frequently Asked Questions


Having questions are normal. Here are answers to some of them:


What is the structure of the 2019 routes?


This is only a provisional structure, thus changes could still take place:

One weekend in November 2018 : Briefing Weekend in South Africa
January – End March 2019 : Training in Pretoria, South Africa
April – October 2019 : Travel to 3 nations in Africa & Europe
November 2019 : Debrief in South Africa
December 2019 : Go home


When will the final itinerary be available?


The final itinerary will only be available January 2019.


How many teams are there?


In 2019 we are planning to send out two or three teams that will be traveling together on different routes. One team will go to 9-11 countries in Asia and the other team will go to 9-11 countries in Africa and the third team will  possibly go to 9-11 countries in Latin/ South America.


How many team members will there be?


We will have a team of minimum 7 and maximum 10 members (including the team leaders).
We will try to ensure that the ratio of men and women in the team is very close to 50/50.


Where will the teams go to?


The teams will travel to different Every Nation churches all across the world. In 2019 we will mainly focus on countries in Asia and Africa. In the years that follow we will include other continents, like North and South America, Europe etc.


What is the purpose of Explore Every Nation?


The heart behind EXPLORE is to create a platform, where young people, who are passionate about God, can come to be exposed to nations, missions and church planting. We are expectant to see leaders being raised through this travel based discipleship program. We believe God wants to raise a generation of pioneers who are willing to lay down their lives and give up everything to see God’s will being done in the nations. We want to create a safe environment for young leaders to go out into the world and have their hearts being transformed as God trains them while they travel by faith through different nations.


What kind of people are you looking for?


People who love God and are passionate to see His will being done here on earth. Anyone who has an appetite for adventure and who are willing to step out of their comfort zone, to be stretched and challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually so that character can be built and faith arise.


How do I raise finances?


Finances are many times the one factor that stops many people from doing what they feel called to do. We hear God’s call, but when we see the amount of money that we will need, we step back and lose faith.

God will never call us to do something, if He will not enable us to do it. God’s grace gives us supernatural power to do the very things that He asks of us. Just as God provides the opportunity for you to come on an experience like this, you must have faith that He will also provide financially.

When raising funds for missions we give people the incredible opportunity to be part of something greater than them. Many people would love to be more involved in ministry and missions, and allowing them to partner with you, by blessing you financially, you give them the opportunity to sow into God’s Kingdom and play a part in spreading the Gospel all over the world.

We all play different roles in missions. Some pray, some give and some go. It is possible for some people to do all three. But those who cannot go to other nations can still take part in international missions by praying and giving.

So when raising the finances, pray and ask God for specific people with whom you can go and share the vision. Remember that you are not going to beg for money, but rather, you are giving them the opportunity to become part of a vision and mission that is bigger than you and them. So when they give you finances, they are not just partnering with you, but with the bigger picture and vision.

Go out and ask people with boldness. The worst they can say to you, is no. Pray about who you should phone to go and set up appointments to see about finances. Trust and know that God prepares people’s hearts and that He owns more than enough riches to provide for you.


Go out and ask people with boldness. The worst they can say to you, is no. Pray about who you should phone to go and set up appointments to see about finances. Trust and know that God prepares people’s hearts and that He owns more than enough riches to provide for you.


How will we travel?


We will use different modes of transport. Airplanes, busses, trains, taxi’s, tuk-tuk’s or whatever transportation is cheapest and will help us to get where we need to be. We will always try to use the simplest, cheapest and easiest transport available to us. We might sometimes overland from country to country, instead of flying, especially when it is cheaper.


What should I pack?


Packing List and Equipment will be sent to you, once you have been accepted. We will also give you great advice at the briefing weekend that will take place in November 2018, so that you have enough time to get what you need before training.


What does the budget include and exclude?


Most of the expenses for the year are included, namely: travel costs (trains, busses, taxi’s, etc.); flight tickets; food; lodging; ministry expenses; training and debrief.

The things that are not included in the budget is the cost of travelling to and from the start and end of the journey; visas; travel insurance; medical insurance; communications; entry into unplanned sights; spending money; vaccinations, etc.

Please remember and take note that this year is not a holiday with extravagant living and big spending. We want to encourage a life of simplistic living and cultivate a lifestyle that honours God by living in faith and depending on God. We will ALWAYS choose the cheapest transport, accommodation, food etc. Do not expect a year of comfort or luxury and fancy transport, accommodation or food.



Do I have to raise all the finances before the training starts?


Once you are accepted, we will expect you to meet the financial requirements with different financial goals at different times, as stipulated below:

  • Before 1 January of the year of your expedition, you must pay a deposit of 40%, in order to purchase flight tickets and to cover the cost for training and administration.

  • Before 1 March, the cut-off amount of 50% must be paid.

  • Before 1 June, the cut-off amount of 75% must be paid.

  • Before 10 September, you have to have raised 100% of your target.

  • Each member will be held accountable to pay the full amount as agreed upon in the budget.

  • We are here to support you in raising these funds. We believe that raising these funds forms part of the journey that God wants to take us on during the year. This will stretch you, but it is also a great opportunity to build your faith as you see how God provides in miraculous ways.


Will I be responsible for my own visas?


The application of visas will be done together as a group during the training period. You will however have to cover the costs of the visas yourself. We will inform you during the briefing weekend how much you will need to budget for visas for your specific route.


Will I be responsible to book my own flight tickets?


No. The administration team will book all the flights for the team together during training in January.


How will we book accommodation for the year?


In certain contexts we will stay with our local churches. In other contexts we will mostly stay at cheap backpackers.


What type of lifestyle can be expected during the year?

Please remember and take note that this year is not a holiday with extravagant living and big spending. We want to encourage a life of simplistic living and cultivate a lifestyle that honours God by living in faith and depending on God. We will ALWAYS choose the cheapest transport, accommodation, food etc. Do not expect a year of comfort or luxury and fancy living.


Can parents and family come and visit during the year?


Yes. But there will be a specific time in June/July that parents and families can come and visit. The specific time and place/country will be communicated during training.


What preparation do I need to do before the training?


After you have been accepted, you can focus on the following things in the months leading up to the journey.


  • Signing of indemnity form and sending it to us

  • Vaccinations and medical requirements

  • Raise financial partnership

  • Recruit prayer partnership team

  • Pray and fast


  • Join Briefing Weekend

  • Print at least 12 colour Passport Photos of yourself

  • Vaccinations and medical requirements

  • Pay 40% deposit before end of month

  • Personal research on travelling around the world

  • Preparations for packing list


  • International drivers license (not compulsory)

  • Communication with financial and prayer partners

  • Finalizing packing list

  • Copy all documents and authenticate them

  • Write first newsletter to all your partners, friends and family


Where will we stay during training and debrief?


Training will take place at the Every Nation Centre Tshwane. The venue for the Debrief month is still being finalized.


What are the passport requirements?


Your passport needs to have at least 15 clean pages available and must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the route.


What vaccinations do I need to get?


Some countries require that a person on entering show proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever. You need to get the necessary vaccination and proof (Yellow card) thereof at your local travel clinic before coming to training in Pretoria. All of the other vaccinations will also be indicated on the Yellow Fever Card, with expiry dates, etc.

You must please get the following vaccinations:

  • Yellow Fever (Compulsory)

  • Hepatitis A and B

  • Tetanus

  • Typhoid

Malaria is also very common in some of the countries we will visit and your doctor or travel-clinic should be able to advise you on what prevention will be best for you. You can wait until you receive the final itinerary for this.


What will happen during training?


The training will be quite comprehensive, but some of the primary focuses will be:

  • Every Nation Orientation

  • Growing in your relationship with God

  • Equipping you to evangelize, preach, make disciples etc.

  • Team building

  • Practical Outreach

  • World Religions and cross-cultural missions training.


Should I take a phone and a laptop?


It is not necessary for everyone in the team to have a laptop, but it helps if there are a few laptops that the team can share. During training the teams will discuss this together to see who has laptops and who will be willing to carry it with them and share it with the rest of the team for that year. Tablets are also a good option and very helpful for a year like this, but not everyone need one. You are welcome to take your phone on the route, and you will be able to use it whenever there is wifi in a country to whatsapp and skype.


How often will I be able to use my phone etc?


Sometimes when we are at airports or coffee shops there will be Wi-Fi where you will be able to use your phone. The Explore office will also be in contact with the Team Leader in case of emergency. 


How will parents be able to follow where we are and receive updates on what we are doing?


Parents will be able to contact the Explore office in case of emergency. Parents will also receive updates of how the team is doing via the Explore Facebook Page and Website.


Do I need to take personal spending money?


Personal spending money is not included in the budget for your journey. This would include things like internet, laundry, buying a cup of coffee or ice cream every now and then.

Foreign Exchange kiosks and banks are regularly available, so if you are travelling with cash (Dollars, Euros, etc.) they are easily transferable.

All participants are advised to make use of a debit/credit card and withdraw money in each country you visit, as needed. Please find out from your local bank whether you will be able to do international transactions with your card, before you go. Usually most cards with a 4 digit pin will be accepted internationally. VISA cards are usually more reliable to use internationally than Mastercard or Maerstro. Remember that when you withdraw money from an ATM in a foreign country, the machine will only dispense local currency.

Make sure that your next of kin (like your father, mother, uncle etc.) also get signatory rights on your personal banking accounts, if you decide to take a debit card on the expedition. In case a banking or financial problem occurs, it will be much easier for them to take care  of the problem back home with the local bank if they have all the legal rights over the banking account.


How old should I be to join an Explore route?


The primary target group for our Explore routes are people aged between 18-35 years old. But if you are older than 35 and really feel a calling and desire to join an explore route, you are welcome to apply and then we will discuss your application accordingly.


Will we be able to socialize with friends and family and see them often during training?


No. During training the team will live and stay together on the Every Nation Centre property at our training base. This is to make the team used to being together all the time (24/7). No one will be allowed to go to any social or family events, unless it is a wedding or funeral of a close family member. Even during off times, we will ask the team to socialize and spend time with other team members instead of going to hang out with other friends or family. There will be a few days that you will be allowed to go home to see your family, after training is finished and before we fly out to our first country, but we advise that you say most of your goodbyes (especially with friends) before training.