What is Explore?

Explore is a one year missions program where young people get sent all over the world to different Every Nation churches. There they will have the opportunity to serve the local community and share the Gospel to those in need. It is also a travel-based leadership development training.


We start off the year with an extensive training program where we will ensure that you are developed in areas such as leadership, discipleship, and cross-cultural missions, to prepare you to go to the nations.


After the training you and your team will be jetting off to the nations across the world, to start with the adventure of a lifetime. You and your team will work with and serve Every Nation churches. You will serve those in need, minister to and explore different cultures and religions, and boldly share the Good News, the Gospel.


You will be challenged. You will have to take risks. As you step out in faith you are going to be exposed to the wonder and awe of God and experience all that the nations have to offer. 


Come with us to take the challenge. It is often when we step out of our comfort zones, that we experience the greatest amount of growth. We grow in our knowledge and understanding of our Creator, God, of Jesus our Lord and Saviour and in our fellowship and partnership with the Holy Spirit. Together you will explore the heart of God and His church, your own heart and the heart of the nations!


After this year you might start studying, pursue a career and minister in the workplace or you might feel called to step into ministry as a profession and become a full time missionary or church planter. Whatever your decision and next step in life may be, you will feel equipped and empowered to live your God-given calling to make disciples wherever you go.


This is one year that will impact your life for eternity, so we want to invite you to come with us on explore.